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Quarantine Queen | COVID-19

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

The COVID-19 Pandemic is all anyone can talk about. Communities all over the world are coming to a standstill as mandatory shelter-in-place orders have been executed, especially in large metropolitan areas such as S5P's home base - San Francisco, California. The coronavirus has changed society as we know it.

The result of this order has caused plenty of financial, social, and emotional hardships. But it has also proven to have positive outcomes as well. With entire cities shutdown, trains and airfare all but nearly stopped, concerts and cruises cancelled, greenhouse gases have reduce tremendously. People are using technology to communicate with their loved-ones, friends are playing virtual board games with one another, and we are seeing how much good is still left in the world.

As creatives, we love challenging ourselves and learning new techniques that are popular in our industry. One of those video techniques is using your camera without any stabilization, shooting handheld, to create seamless transitions to tell a story. The team from created a contest to do just that - challenge us!

The Contest + rules from Full Time Filmmaker: A HANDHELD B-ROLL SEQUENCE! Since the majority of us are in quarantine, we wanted to create a contest that could be filmed and edited at home, making it accessible to everyone. The subject of your video can be about anything! For example: Food Editing Camera Gear Board Games Sewing Scrapbooking... LENGTH: Entries cannot exceed 45 seconds Shoutout to Full Time Filmmaker and Epidemic Sound for putting this contest together!

Here's our video

Music: U Took Too Much - Push N' Glide [licensed by Epidemic Sound] What do you guys think?

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