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Your Day. Your Vision. Our Passion.

For SIX50 Productions, a wedding video is not just a chronology of the day,
it is an opportunity to make a film about how you met, your feelings & relationship,
and the love and support from your parents, family, and friends.

your story

Your vision is completely unique. That is why we carefully plan every detail well in advance. 4 to 6 weeks before your wedding day, we reach out to you again and walk through specific event information, ensuring that your story unfolds just as you envision it.

your wedding

When your big day arrives, the last thing you want to worry about is the filming process.  SIX50 Productions cinematographers are wedding day experts, and are always professional, sensitive and discreet.

your film

The careful work of finishing your film happens after your wedding day. Editing and enhancing your film with cutting-edge technology is a careful process. SIX50 Productions uses the latest technologies to capture your story with true cinematic quality.

Taking your shots to new heights

Aerial photos and videos available with drones

why video?

I'm so glad that we have this Wedding Film to watch over and over again!

It truly is one of the things that becomes more valuable as time goes on.

-Your Future Self

  • You Won't Miss a Thing
    When you choose to have a professional cinematographer, they are dedicated to capturing your wedding. We literally have nothing else to do that day but follow you around with a camera. You won't miss any moments of the day, big or small. Let's say your Uncle Bob was in charge of filming the ceremony from the second row. And maybe he gets swept up in the romanticism of your ceremony, and that camera starts to slip down. Then you have an amazing shot of your feet while your partner tears up during their vows. Wouldn't you love to have all your guests present and ready to celebrate with you, relaxed and stress free with the knowledge that someone is taking care of capturing all those precious moments?
  • Quality
    Camera phones and consumer video equipment have come a long way. Video cameras fit in the palm of your hand and footage can be shared in seconds from phones. Our cameras and lenses, though, are professional cinematic tools that give our films a look impossible to capture on an smartphone or camcorder. But it's more than just the camera. Have you ever filmed on your phone or video camera while it's windy? If you have, you know that you can't hear much. Even in a church, the sound tends to echo and isn't quite clear. A professional cinematographer can provide you with not only great picture quality, but great sound as well with our microphone set up. We also invest in stabilization gear so the camera doesn't shake while the operator moves, laughs, or cries. We can fully capture your beautiful cermeony, all of the details that you spent months planning, and make sure you look amazing!
  • Story and Edit
    Photographs give you a great piece of art and a timeless feel, but a wedding film is a bit more tangible. The two go hand in hand and tell your full story. Each SIX50 Productions wedding film is carefully crafted using the beautiful and/or funny words spoken at your wedding, and it will tell your specific story. We work hard to capture the beauty and uniqueness of your venue, whether it's in the city, the beach, or in the mountains. We also cover the entire ceremony and reception so you can relive the event in the long format film as well.
  • Style - We have it!
    Well at least cinematically. A video professional has an eye for capturing all the excitement, special moments, and the nuances of your wedding day - that's the power of our storytelling abilities. That is something not everyone with a camera can do, but it is something we've practiced and continue to perfect with different styles to suit our clients. And because of this style, your video will be a heirloom to watch again and again. Our films are short, yet inclusive and it's like watching a feature film of your day.

Having professionals for any part of your wedding day is important.  

It gives you the best day possible, and allows your guests to relax and enjoy the best wedding that they've ever attended.

Sierra + Jakeem Wedding Teaser Film | Charles Krug Winery | St. Helena, CA



1 Videographer

2 UHD 4K Cameras

8 Hours of Coverage

HQ Audio

Royalty-Free Music

1-Minute Teaser

3-5 Minute Short Film

*Drone Videography

Online Hosting Link


2 Videographers

2 UHD 4K Cameras

Full Day Coverage

HQ Audio

Royalty-Free Music

1-Minute Teaser

7-10 Minute Short Film

*Drone Videography

Online Hosting Link


2 Videographers


2 UHD 4K Cameras


10 Hours of Coverage


HQ Audio


Royalty-Free Music


1-Minute Teaser


5-7 Minute Short Film


*Drone Videography


Online Hosting Link






Full Wedding Ceremony

Special Dance(s) - First Dance, Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Dance


30-45 Minute Documentary Film

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) - Raw Footage

Additional Camera(s)

Additional Videographer(s)

Additional Edited Films

Just like you, we want your Wedding Day to be perfect!  That's why we offer a 1-on-1 consultation to mold your perfect package :)

*Drone Videography dependent on weather and location

not sure which video is perfect for you?

Watch the three different options below, from the same wedding!


short film


We WILL work with you to create the perfect package!


San Francisco Bay Area + Beyond

Have questions about what we do at SIX50 Productions?

Check out the services we offer for clients.

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